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SOFT CARAMEL - Made in small batches, soft and chewy with a rich caramel flavor, covered in dark Venezuelan 65% chocolate (with sea salt from the Oregon coast) or milk chocolate. 

FIORI DI SICILIA TRUFFLE - (Flower of Sicily - inspired by Italy’s traditional panettone).  Extra dark Belgian chocolate with a pleasing hint of fresh citrus, flowers, and vanilla.  This truffle goes well with red wine and especially well with Port. 

IRISH CREAM TRUFFLE - Milk chocolate combined with the sweet taste of Irish Cream, dipped in milk or dark chocolate.  This pairs nicely with Syrah.

JASMINE TRUFFLE – A dark, dark Belgian chocolate truffle center with just a hint of jasmine in the finish, dipped in Swiss white chocolate.

TRUFFLE NOIR - Made with single origin chocolate from either Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru or other delicious cacao-growing regions, this bittersweet truffle will change from time to time, but there will always be a description in the box letting you know where it is from and what flavors to expect. 

PASSION FRUIT TRUFFLE - Buttery white chocolate is contrasted with tart and flavorful passion fruit then rounded off with the heat of cayenne pepper.  Many white wines pair well with this truffle. AWARD WINNER!!

RASPBERRY TRUFFLE - Milk chocolate and raspberry puree give you the taste of summer in a truffle.  This truffle pairs especially well with Cabernet Sauvignon.

BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE BUTTERFLIES or COINS - Delicious Venezuelan chocolate (Julie's favorite eating chocolate, at the moment).  Let them melt slowly in your mouth and relish the delicious flavor – great with coffee! 

CINNAMON TRUFFLE - Dark and milk chocolates combine with Saigon cinnamon to make a creamy filling for this truffle.

COFFEE TRUFFLE - Bittersweet chocolate and organic cream with the taste of medium roast local Quest coffee. 

DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE – For the true chocolate connoisseur:  a deep, rich truffle crafted from my own blend of some of the world's finest chocolates.

EGGNOG TRUFFLE -  A creamy white chocolate center with the flavors of rum and nutmeg. 

HAZELNUT GIANDUJA - Soft and oh, so creamy French milk chocolate and hazelnuts. 

HOT CHOCOLATE  - Dark milk chocolate ganache combines with a bit of hot, dried peppers to make a memorable confection.

LAVENDER CARAMEL - Soft, chewy, buttery.....made with flowers from Woodinville Lavender.  Warning - These are addictive!  Available on special order from Wellington Chocolates.

 LAVENDER TRUFFLE -  Creamy milk chocolate is infused with lavender flowers and just a hint of lemon to enhance the flavor.  Available on special order from Wellington Chocolates.

MAPLE TRUFFLE -  Pure maple syrup and top of the line Belgian chocolates combine to capture this taste of autumn.

MARZIPAN AND CHOCOLATE - Dark chocolate ganache, with a hint of orange, is topped by a thin layer of smooth marzipan.

MINT TRUFFLE - Melt-in-your-mouth soft European milk chocolate with the perfect balance of mint and a touch of vanilla. 

PEANUT BUTTER - Milk and dark chocolate mixed with creamy peanut butter.  You'll feel like a kid again!

CARAMELIZED PEAR WITH CINNAMON -  The essence of a pear tart enrobed in chocolate ... this truffle is a customer favorite. 

GRANDMA LILLIAN'S PUMPKIN PIE TRUFFLE - As a child, when I tasted my first school-lunch pumpkin pie, my thought was "Whoa, they forgot the coconut!"  Wrapped in milk or dark chocolate, this truffle's mixture of pumpkin and coconut is based on my mother's Thanksgiving pie recipe.

SALTED TOFFEE - Dark-milk chocolate, buttery toffee bits and sea salt from the Washington coast (just like the popular chocolate bar) made into a foil-wrapped molded figure. 

VIENNESE WALNUT - Caramelized walnuts, vanilla bean, coffee and dark chocolate are combined to make a flavorful and smooth truffle.