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Friday, April 19th from 2-6pm Wellington Chocolates will be at Airfield Winery in the Woodinville Schoolhouse District.  Sample chocolates paired with 3 of their wonderful wines.  Bars, truffles and caramels will be available for purchase.


April 1st through April 10th - EASTER CHOCOLATE CLASS

Have fun creating delicious gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc.  

Relaxed and fun classes for 2-5 people are held in Woodinville.  Learn to temper chocolate, then create molded lollipops, delicious chocolate dipped truffles and cookies and Easter treats. Finish your creations with wrappings and ribbon and you’ll head home with a sack full of gifts to share.

Classes are $40 per person and last about 2-1/2 hours. The time and date of event is to be mutually agreed upon.

To schedule a class call Julie at 425.486.2270 or e-mail info@wellingtonchocolates.com



Chocolate flights provide an opportunity to taste and compare great chocolate from around the world.  You will learn about the chocolate making process and will have the opportunity to discover for yourself what kind of chocolate you like best.   You will be able to compare dark chocolate from different countries, delicious milk and white chocolates and chocolate bars infused with different flavors. 

Classes are for a minimum of 4 people, up to 6 people and are held in the Wellington Chocolates kitchen in Woodinville.  Each class lasts about 1/2 hour.  Participants receive a 20% discount on all purchases on the day of class.

Call 425.486.2270 or email info@wellingtonchocolates.com to sign up.

Cost:  $12 per person

Watch for upcoming events:

  • Chocolate with cacao from one region (it could be Madagascar, Peru, Caribbean...)
  • Chocolate processed by makers from one country (France, Italy, Switzerland...)
  • Chocolate of the same percentage (55%, 65%, 70%....)