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$9.00 - ORANGE BAR            Delicious single origin Madagascar chocolate (made  primarily with rare Criollo beans), gives you tart and fruity essences with deep, rich chocolate flavor.  But that's just the start.  Flavorful, chewy, diced orange peel and crunchy, caramelized cacao nibs are added to round out a scrumptious chocolate experience.  3.5 Oz.

$9.00  CARAMEL MILK CHOCOLATE - 36% cacao content.  This silky, smooth chocolate is made using genuine dairy-based caramel as a main ingredient, giving it vibrant hints of creamy caramel while maintaining a clear cocoa note.  A touch of sea salt from the Washington coast puts the perfect finish on this fine chocolate.  3.5 oz

$9.00  SALTED TOFFEE - Buttery, crunchy toffee is incorporated into a darker-than-usual, creamy milk chocolate and topped off with sea salt from the coast of Washington.  3.5 oz.  

$9.00  DARK CHOCOLATE WITH NUTS - This chocolate is made with single-origin cacao beans from the Oro Verde Cooperative in Lamas, San Martin, Peru.  It has a bright, fruity flavor with notes of red fruit & unripe mango.  It finishes with a lingering floral essence..  A nice pairing with crunchy and delicious salted almonds and pistachios.   3.5 oz.

$9.00  FIREWORKS BAR - Milk chocolate, toffee and pop rocks.  First you will enjoy the smooth milk chocolate, then the taste of crunchy, buttery toffee will come through.  It will be heavenly…..but wait…..it takes a moment before you notice the popping sensation.  Just try not to smile!!!!  3.5 oz.

$9.00  COFFEE BAR - Made from cacao beans that are hand-harvested and cared for every step of the way in the mountains of Latin America.  Fruity and flowery aromas enhance the rich properties of this single-origin Colombian chocolate.  A delectable pairing with locally roasted Quest Magrinelli Estate Signature coffee – a dark roast with chocolate and caramel undertones.  A sprinkling of sea salt from the Washington coast gives this a nice finish.  3.5 oz.

$9.00  HOT CHOCOLATE BAR - Made primarily with rare Criollo beans from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, this delicious chocolate give you tart and fruity essences with deep, rich chocolate flavor.  Dried pepper lets you end your experience with a warm (not too hot) finish.  3.5 oz.

$9.00  CARAMEL LATTE - Creamy, French milk chocolate with distinctly caramel flavor is combined with locally roasted Signature beans from Quest Coffee Company in Bothell to make this unforgettably delicious bar.   3.5 oz.

$9.00    HAZELNUT BAR – Creamy dark chocolate hazelnut gianduja is mixed with dark milk chocolate for a silky-smooth and not-too-sweet treat.  3.5 oz.